Sourcing MedZ celebrates its ISO 9001 certification Version 2008

Wednesday January 23 th at Technopolis, in a warm atmosphere, MedZ Sourcing organized a ceremony certificate of conformity ISO 9001 Version 2008, attended by all employees of the company.
Wafaa Shagar, CEO of DNV, the organization that carried out the certification audit was keen to stress the merit of MedZ Sourcing and involvement of all employees who were clearly felt throughout the audit process. Ms. Shagar also confirmed thatMedZ Sourcing's management system of quality  comply with all requirements applicable to the scope of certification and any non-compliance was detected indicating that the certification covers MedZ Sourcing and the three parks currently managed by MedZ Sourcing: Casanearshore, Technopolis, Fes shore.

Wafaa Shagar then handed the certificate M.Abderrafie Hanouf, Managing Director of MedZ Sourcing under the applause of the audience.

Mr. Abderrafie Hanouf, has meanwhile reiterated the path to achieve this certification, which is devoted efforts of all MedZ Sourcing staff to enroll in the way of excellence, performance and customer satisfaction. He also stressed the commitment of the management to consolidate this to accompany the best extension of the scope of activity of MedZ Sourcing and its development.


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Morocco celebrates the trophy "The best offshoring destination 2012"

At the initiative of the "Caisse de Depot et de Gestion", Morocco celebrated Tuesday, July 24th in Rabat, in Ramadan joyful atmosphere, the trophy for the best offshoring destination in 2012 which was awarded by the European Association of Outsourcing (EOA).

After a collective Ftour attended by some 200 guests, headed by Mr The Prime Minister, a host of Ministers, a panel of officials and economic actors and clients installed in parks managed by MedZ Sourcing Offshoring , guests had the opportunity to watch a movie on the history of offshoring in Morocco and the various achievements of the sector's flagship Emergence Plan.

Mr. Anas Alami CEO of CDG then spoke to a welcome speech where he thanked all stakeholders in the development of this sector and congratulated MedZ Sourcing deserved this distinction. It also reaffirmed the strong commitment of the CDG to continue to follow this promising sector for the Kingdom and invited partners to take on new challenges and to provide the means to achieve them.
Abdelkader Amara, Minister of Commerce, Industry and new technologies for its part, provided that this price is a collective achievement, the public authorities, their partners and foreign investors who trusted in Morocco. He announced the upcoming opening of consultations to improve the value proposition of Morocco.

Mr. Head of Government Abdelilah BENKIRANE has paid tribute to previous governments who have worked to launch the offshoring sector in Morocco. He also assured assistance of its intention to continue to provide support and guidance for the development of the sector and hailed the success of public / private partnership that prevails in this area.

After the official speeches, Ms. Farida Moha hosted by reacting the room and the institutional stakeholders: Ministers, Telecom Operators, OFPPT APEBI, CDMA, EOA and clients managed by Parks MedZ Sourcing.

Mr. Abderrafie Hanouf, Managing Director of Sourcing at MedZ then presented the trophy he was awarded by the European Association of Outsourcing (EOA) in London in congratulating all the partners who have helped Morocco to be honored with such a distinction. He also stressed the commitment MedZ Sourcing consolidating the new position of the Kingdom and to open new markets including the anglophone market.

Morocco elected Best Offshoring Destination by the European Association of Outsourcing

Wednesday, June 28th, Morocco was elected by the European Association of Offshoring (EOA) as the best offshoring destination for the year 2012 during the awards ceremony at the headquarters of the Law Society in London. On this occasion, the award was presented to Mr. Abderrafie Hanouf, Managing Director of Sourcing MEDZ subsidiary of MEDZ (CDG Development).


Official opening of FesShore Park June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, MedZ Sourcing subsidiary of MEDZ organized the opening ceremony of Fès Shore Park.


A leader moving to TRS

A leader moving to TRS         

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